Genuine Apple Macbook Water Damage Repair in DC Halli Bangalore

You might have to leave your Apple Macbook, but we will give you an assessment of what the liquid spill damaged, and what would need to be fixed, at no charge! If your Macbook is too far damaged to be worth repairing, you can take it back at no  If you are local, come to our store. If you live far away, you can always send your Macbook to us for a free estimate(click here).

Apple Macbook Water Damage Repair

Macbook spill damage is serious because it corrodes sensitive electronic components, but it’s not unfixable. At Apple, you will hear quotes of $750 to $1600 to repair Apple Macbook water damage. Their claim will be that they must replace the entire board with an overpriced tier 3 or tier 4 repair. The reality is that they are not interested in getting their hands dirty fixing the totally reusable parts you already have: it’s easier for them to gouge your wallet by replacing everything.

DC Halli Bangalore
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