Apple Macbook Water Damage Repair In Malad Mumbai

Water or liquid damage remains one of the most difficult tasks to tackle with regard to Apple Macbook repairs. Often with liquid-based damage, the extent of the damage can range from minor to fatal, depending on a number of factors.

Apple Macbook Water Damage Repair

If you do not act fast, a laptop affected with liquid damage has much less of a chance of being fully repaired, if at all. Therefore, if your phone has suffered any form of water damage, you should ensure the device is switched off and brought in to be looked at immediately.

Malad Mumbai
Business Name Mobile/Laptop Solution Service
Phone 919619534143
Address Shop.No.39, Ground floor, Vaishali Shopping Centre, S V Road,, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064
G-Map Url
Postal Code 400064
Timing 10:30am–9:30pm
Google rating 5
Service Provided Laptop/Mobile repair shop

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