Apple Macbook Water Damage Repair In Sangam Vihar Delhi

It’s very regularly heard how a spillage over the Apple Macbook has accidentally happened. Tea, milk, water, coffee, beer, wine, juice, or fluid spillage on an Apple Mac PC may bring about a disappointment of the logic board, keyboard, and other internal components. The harm that happened will rely upon the reach out of the fluid spill and whether the fluid has reached the internal components and logic board of your Apple MacBook Laptop.

Apple Macbook Water Damage Repair

Our Service center in Delhi, our qualified and skilled engineers are capable to repair and replace the components on the circuit board with the newest BGA rework stations and tools to give accurate and fast repair services. We also provide cleaning and complete replacement of liquid damage logic board at a feasible cost.

Sangam Vihar Delhi
Business Name Rk Communication
Phone 075038 25132
Address C-851, Mangal Bazar Road, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110080
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Postal Code 110080
Timing 10am–10pm
Google rating 4.0 Rating
Service Provide Laptop/Mobile Repair Service Centre

Also: You can also visit us for getting your Macbook’s battery repaired.

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